Sept. 17: Sweet, sensitive little Boris sends love from his new life in Dusseldorf, Germany, away from the blinding, skin-cancer-inducing Turkish sun! Look at these gentle, happy eyes!

Sept. 17: We're celebrating Dasher and Kismet's adoption day! They were both adopted together in Nantucket😻 Dasher wouldn't keep still (surprise, surprise) and Kismet was interested in the treats (surprise, surprise) 
2 more of our lovely boys have a forever home!

August 17: It is still the season for exotic postcards so here is one from pretty little Casper, who sends love from her new life in the USA

August 17: Thanks to the help of the lovely Michelle Lachlan, in her own words, "Hercules is adopted and in a wonderful home❤️❤️❤️😻😻😻 with a lovely young woman. He has a friend cat called Baby who is about the same age as him."
Our blind Herc' the Turk has a lovely home!
Wishing him a long, happy life.

August 17: "Great news - Moo has found the perfect forever family - busy household, 3 kids, 2 dogs - she can be the manager of them all❤️❤️❤️❤️ "
Says the lovely Michelle Lachlan, Moo's foster mum, who waited months to find the perfect home for our lovely Moo.
Have a great time running the show with your loving family, sweet Moo!

July 17: a little postcard from Germany, where beautiful little Evie has been living since last month, as the spoilt companion of our dear friend and supporter, Evgenija. This charming young calico is so happy to enjoy her adopter's tender loving care, and we're delighted for her.

July 17: Patsy and Pamela, two lovely sisters who were rescued as tiny kittens and hand-reared on goat's milk, had to be adopted together as they are inseparable - and their wish has come true, they are now living in Napa, CA together!

July 17: update from little Kim, who is now an Italian citizen. She is loving her life in Rome with her lovely adopter, Marie, and all her new friends. Ciao bella!

July 17: Maggie is now an adopted pet, for good this time! She looks forward to a lovely life in San Francisco.

She once "belonged" to a Russian woman who decided to leave without making any plans whatsoever for her poor cat and just abandoned her. Sadly, this is typical behaviour with many people. We wish this beautiful calico girl a happy life in sunny California!

July 17: Biscuit and White Girl are lucky enough to become New Yorkers, living with Penelope Smith!
We had released dear Biscuit after catching him to neuter and release him in November 16 - we released him with great reluctance as he was so friendly and did not wish to leave the safety of his crate. Thankfully he was brought in on Christmas day - the best gift he could have had! 

White Girl was brought to one of the local hotels last summer and abandoned once the remorseless tourists then left her behind. We're so glad to see her life have the happily ever after she deserves! 

July 17: superfast adoption for Spencer, aka Springer!

Here is what his kind foster mum, Margo, has to say about it: 

"Truly an amazing day. For starters Spencer thought it was his Celebration of Life jaunt/flight through the vineyard this morning at 6 am. I couldn't believe how he flew not ran through the vines. He literally had no feet on the ground only soaring in and out of the vineyard rows. Chase couldn't keep up with him and I literally only could spy him soaring like Superman. Cats scattering as he came flying through. He literally ran and landed in my flower bed then leaping in my arms when I finally cut him off. I think he knew it was his BonVoyage Day to his forever home. What a funny hyped boy who found a forever family that loves his breed. Couldn't have asked for a better match for him. I'm going to miss this spirited boy!"

May 17: Betty and Dot are home!

This is the happiest tale ever. Our famous kebab kittens, Betty and Dot, finally have a home of their own together.Great thanks to Margo Campainha Cassidy for her patience and dedication to them. From Turkey, to the East coast and then the West and finally home. We wish them the happiest of lives!

Here is what Margo shared with us:

"My Mom has always called me a dreamer and I've been told often I wear rose colored glasses. Which is all good I've grown in my heart quite cozy with both of those descriptions. Even though as a youngster I didn't feel sometimes they were used in an uplifting way.
Well today I'm viewing the world with those magical glasses.
A wonderful lady came in to meet Betty and Dot. They have been with us for just over a year. Originally from Turkey living on the streets at a Kabab shop like princesses. What smart girls to loiter at a butcher shop. The sisters didn't realize that it would only last for so long till they found themselves struggling to survive. Until some kind, nice rescuers scooped them up then gave them refuge at the veterinary office where there is a cattery for boarding.
Then arriving in Napa via help and fundraising by their rescuers wanting a better life for them. Not knowing they would wait a year for their forever home to come.
If you foster for Whiskers, Tails and Ferals you know how often I have reassured and explained to volunteers that their fosters time is coming. Even when I've been asked that Betty and Dot should be separated on several occasions. With my reply being no I made a promise to them and the people who rescued them.
I feel that each kitty already has a life plan. It's just having patience and waiting for that family to come adopt them.
Well Betty and Dot's day came today. As soon as I picked up the phone to answer some of Polly's questions and ask my questions I knew she was that magical person. (Goosebumps)
They will be starting their new lives with this wonderful lady tomorrow.
How more moving can that be?! Well it even gets better than that I'm headed to the airport to pick up three more world travelers from Turkey. How magical is that??!
Two beginning their lives and leaving us to finally go home and three more coming to join us all the way from their origin, Turkey.
I'm truly amazed by this magical happenstance of how life works. Purely in aww. ❤️ "

May 17: photo update from Wurrly, who was adopted in the U.K. in April 2015. One of our happiest little strays, deeply adored and as you can see she even has her own toy car! Change the life of a Avsallar stray. Adopt.

May 17: Love from Dasher, Kahya, Moo, Pumuckle aka Kismet and Hercules, who are all enjoying the Nantucket dolce vita at a wonderful sanctuary. 

July 17: Little Juanita, now renamed June, has really come out of her shell since she travelled to the USA last month to be looked after by a loving foster lady who fell in love with her and adopted her. 
June was the daughter of the brave cat mum with cancer, Lily, and the sister of Adam, who sadly did not live to see happiness. This shy family were going to be poisoned for the crime of living in the disused, filthy basement of a local building, and were rescued in extremis, but both of the kittens were quite feral as they were used to humans being a hostile element, not helpful friends. June's life has completely changed for the better and her brother and mother would no doubt be happy June is getting a chance at happiness. The first photo below is June when she first arrived at the vet clinic, panicked, and the two following photos are of her now, in her happy home.   

July 17Click here to see dear Solomon, once a timid, grumpy FIV+ boy, who left Turkey last year to live a happy life at the wonderful Kattenopvang Bastet sanctuary in the Netherlands. Under the loving care of Wendie and her team, he has turned into a total cuddly bear! It took him a very long time to trust people but it was worth it...

May 17: Mr. Pallas, one of our dear FIV+ proteges, was successfully adopted by a loving family after being fostered by the kind people at HART of Maine and featured on "Fetch Me A Home" on US television - you can see the video here

Dec. 16: Our boys who flew to Boston last month, adopted and making their families happy! Milky is now living a cosy life in NY.

Shared with love by Michelle Lachlan from Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals: Aladdin and Benedict have safe, happy homes now!

Feb. 16: The lovely little Jackie Sparrow was adopted after less than a month in her foster family in the Netherlands. And guess what - another (senior) cat from her foster home was adopted with her! Congratulations are in order for this very sweet little girl with only one eye! We will post photos of her in her new home as we receive them.

Jan. 16: Kaya and Fido have just had the best news ever - they have just been adopted by Melanie Mueller-Keil from Germany. We can't wait for them to join her! 

Dec. 2015: Peach & Pilgrim, brother and sister, were born by a kebab shop on a busy street in Avsallar, along with Betty and Dot, their sisters, who are already living happily with Denise in the US. Their mother, Destiny, was adopted in the Netherlands with her best friend. It's now Peach & Pilgrim's turn to rejoice as they can now look forward to a happy life with Ann Werchan in the USA.

Dec. 2015: Caramel and Bruiser, two inseparable little cute bandits who were born in a very hostile area and travelled to the UK earlier this year, have moved to a wonderful forever home in Kent with Andy the builder and his beloved Bentley the huge British Short Hair (and all the beautiful fishes that also live with them). We look forward to posting updates!


Dec. 15: Mina used to live by a park where animals have previously been poisoned en masse... When she was caught and taken to safety, she was heavily pregnant and starving. She was adopted by a relative of one of our volunteers in the UK and Mina and her new human companion are now inseparable.

Nov. 2015: Thelma, the precious little calico, was in foster care for only a couple of days before her forever family fell in love with her. We wish her a happy and long life in the Netherlands!

Nov. 15: Star (AKA Starlight) is indeed the star of lovely Carole's home! We received these beautiful photos from Carole - this is what happiness looks like!

Sept. 15: Finn photographed on his way across the Rocky Mountains, as he was travelling to Cecilia's, whose life he will now share. Have a great time with your family dear blue-eyed boy! 

Aug. 15: Sunny (formerly Blanket!) is living the dream in New Jersey with his lovely family (the first 3 pictures below were sent to us by his family in early August 15, right after his arrival from Turkey). What a happy little boy! This is the destiny we want to see all our proteges enjoy...

May 2015: Rosie, Sweetie and Big Boy are off to live with the wonderful Jackie in Montana! As for the lucky Faye and Ishik, they were adopted respectively by Kaye and Nancy. These are photos of them before they left on their big journey.

May 2015: Say hi to Malou! This beautiful calico used to be wild and scared, and now look how happy and tranquil she is living with her loving cat mum, Anja Dinghaus, in Germany!


May 2015: Andrea DelDin, the kind adopter of ex-Avsallar Tristan (we used to call him "Sad Eyes", as he was a lonely, scared little homeless boy, but his eyes look much more serene now!), often shares photos of her dear boy.

How sweet and happy do these guys look together?

Remember you can be another pet's forever family...Click here to see our urgent candidates for adoption!


May 2nd, 2015: Little Tommy is enjoying life in his new home with a cute black and white companion! He was adopted in Germany by friends of our dear supporter Beate von Nemitz.


May 2015: Kaye Germano, who lives in the US, has recently welcomed into her home 2 Avsallar dogs, Bella and Freya. She rejoices at the lovely experiences she shares with these dogs, exploring the woods and getting to know each other.